D.O.B. - December 2011

Mya was born under the back porch of a home in the Sanford North area of Hamilton.   The lady who lived next door had been feeding her feral mother for quite a while and was hoping to catch her and get her spayed before she had any more kittens but was not having any luck.  She was trying to socialize the latest litter of kittens and eventually one of those kittens, Mya, began to trust her.  Not wanting this kitten to suffer the same fate as her mother, the lady asked if we would help by getting her spayed and finding her a home.  However, she had waited too long and when Mya came into our care at the tender age of 7 months, she was already pregnant and could not be spayed.  We placed her in a foster home where she gave birth to 5 kittens but, unfortunately 2 kittens were abnormally small and did not survive.  Mya raised the remaining 3 (Amy, Eva & Dex) like a good little mother even though she was little more than a kitten herself.  When the kittens were weaned, Mya was spayed and vaccinated and we're hoping that she will soon find the loving home that she so much deserves.  Mya loves to be held and cuddled by the girls at the vet clinic where she is boarding but is still nervous with strangers.

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