brown tabby
D.O.B. - February 2012

Sonya was found by a kind lady out in the country when she came around her home looking for food and shelter.  She was very nervous and at first she would only come late at night.  Eventually she got brave enough to allow herself to be rescued and we agreed to look after all her medical needs if the lady would foster her.  The poor kitty was infested with intestinal parasites and has had to have many de-wormings over the past several months.  She has been spayed and vaccinated and some progress has been made with getting her socialized, but Sonya is still quite skittish and she will need more time and lots of patience to win her trust.  If you are up for a challenge and would like to give Sonya a chance to have a loving home of her own, please call and speak to one of our volunteers.

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