Sponsored by Helen & Colin Blake
in memory of Cleo & Caesar

white/grey patches
D.O.B. - February 2010
sibling - Lynda

We received an email from a lady who had taken in a stray cat.  She told us that she was quite surprised to discover that the kitty she had rescued was pregnant and a short time later, had given birth to 4 kittens.  After the kittens were weaned, she decided to keep the mother cat and did her best to find homes for the kittens but time went on and she was unable to place Vanna and her sister, Lynda.  When we were asked for help, we agreed to take them into our care and now they have been vaccinated and spayed.  Both cats have shy, quiet personalities and being uprooted from the home that they grew up in has proved to be quite unsettling for them, especially Lynda who is more nervous than her sister.  According to their previous caregiver, they were both very affectionate with her but they will need time to adjust to a new home and new people in their lives.  They are currently boarding at the Pampered Feline where they play and get along well with other cats.  A quiet adult home would be best and we feel that they really should be adopted together as they rely on each other for their sense of security. 

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