Alexi (Alexei)

Adopted July 2001

Update - August 2012

We adopted Alexi from you in 2001 after fostering him.  I enjoyed reading the story about him on your website (based on a letter I wrote to you about 2 years later). I just wanted you to know that at age 11, Alexi continues to do well.  He is very active and jumps and plays all the time.  He still appears unaware of his disability!  He is very healthy and independent.  We have him checked regularly but he shows no signs of the arthritis we were concerned might become a problem.  He remains very slim and I think this has contributed to his overall well-being and ensures that he does not develop complications with his missing limb or spine.  People are constantly amazed by his upbeat personality and high level of activity.  He continues to be an inspiration to us all!

Ann Hughes

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