Adopted October 2007

The first day, Angelica and our older cat (Beeman) did NOT like one another, but I expected that.  There was no scratching or biting, just a lot of hissing and growling.  It only took a few days and although they are not best friends yet, all of that hissing and growling has pretty much stopped.  She was very timid for the first 2 days also, but now she is so full of energy - definitely a change of pace and she keeps Beeman on his toes.  We've also learned that she likes sandwiches, so now when I make the lunches in the morning I have to put them in the fridge right away!

I've attached a picture of her in her new home.  We have a lot of surfaces for her to jump on and lots of places for her to explore.

Thank-you very much for letting me take her home!

Liz Rendina

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