Ayasha (Daniella)

Adopted October 2005

Dear Animal Welfare,

        JAKE & AYASHA

In October I adopted a little ball of fluff named Daniella, who was re-christened Ayasha, which means "little one" in a Native American tongue.  She certainly is the perfect cat for me!  Her odd tendencies include waiting between the shower curtains while I shower, sleeping in the bathroom sink, sneaking into the Lazy Boy recliner and attacking people when they're sitting down and stealing and hiding my watch!  She certainly is the light of my life, she makes me smile everytime.  She's cuddly, gentle, loving and wholeheartedly devoted to me, following me wherever I go.  She always has affection to spare, however, for everyone she meets and charms her way into the heart of whoever she meets, even people who claim to not like cats.  She even charmed my family's older cat, Jake, who normally likes to be the center of attention.  He looks forward to her visits, calls for her when she's gone and is like a kitten himself again when they play together.  My little princess is growing up strong, healthy and beautiful! My thanks to Gord and Helen and everyone at the Animal Welfare Association for looking after my Ayasha until we found each other.

Julia and Ayasha

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