Calicat (Heidi)

Adopted March 2003


I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how Heidi is doing.  We picked her up on March 9, 2003.  We have named her Cali or Calicat.  She has turned into a pleasantly plump kitty.  She loves to cuddle, but one thing is wrong - her purr box is broken.  My daughter says she purrs but very quietly.  I have yet to hear her.  Cali loves to sleep with me ... she either sleeps beside me or above my head.  Her favorite pastime is to steal my daughters pony tails and proudly walk around the house with them before she starts batting them around.  I don't know how many I have found on the floor under the tables or couches.  She has definitely made herself at home here, she is very content.  We are thinking of adopting another one in the future and we will check out your website.  Thank you for rescuing these precious animals.

Enclosed is the picture we saw on your website and I have enclosed a picture that I sent recently.  You can see the change in her in only a few months.

Joanne Babcock

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