Clancy & Punk

Adopted March 1999 & February 1996


My name is Clancy and I found my new owner on March 17, 1999.  Since I was brought home on St. Patrick's day, I was given an Irish name!  I am now a healthy, happy and very active 3 year old who is "totally spoiled".


I was around 6 months old when I was rescued from the street by Animal Welfare and brought to my new home on February 18, 1996.  Although I had a rough start, I am now a contented and friendly indoor cat.

From Clancy & Punk's 'Mom' .....

I love your web-site and the idea of pictures of the available cats.  I have adopted 2 cats from Animal Welfare - Punk in 1996 and Clancy in 1999.  After the experience of adopting the first cat, I have recommended Animal Welfare to many people ..... I think it is a wonderful organization.  When I decided to get another cat in 1999, I called Animal Welfare and Clancy "found me"  - he was exactly what I was looking for and has turned out to be a wonderful, energetic and interactive addition.


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