Adopted March 2010

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how Connelly is doing.  I received him on March 27, 2010.  I decided to keep the name he was given.  He is a very friendly and outgoing cat.  Connelly loves everyone that comes and visits me.  He loves to cuddle up with me  and  watch TV.  The most favorite thing Connelly loves to do is play with his tail.

Recently I had to get him declawed because of scratching at the couches and he was destroying the bottom of my bed.  Since the surgery Connelly is 100% back to his old self.
When I come home from a long day out of the house he lays on the carpet and wants me to rub his belly, if I don't do that he will bug me all night.  I also had to move around things in my office so he could get to his favorite window in my large apartment.  The funniest thing is now he loves to chase shadows like the fridge door light.  I have always been a cat person and all I can say is that Connelly is one spoiled cat.
I would love to thank Animal Welfare Association of Hamilton for bringing Connelly into my life.  Without you many of these animals would not make it.

Thank you

Jason Milloy

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