Dakoda (Julio)

Adopted October 2001


It's been since October 19, 2001 when we adopted Dakoda.  He's truly given us so much happiness in the short time we've had him.  Since he's a bit older now, we've noticed he loves to chew on everything and anything, from cardboard boxes, shoe laces, tea towels, my arm! and occasionally loves to play with his food by tossing it around before he eats it.  We spoil him and his sister Whisper so much!  They get away with almost anything; jumping on the counter, the fridge, the kitchen table... there's no stopping them.  They do what they wish anyway.  They seem to have minds of their own.

Although, they do listen well to mummy and daddy sometimes.  They're really sneaky.  They do things that aren't allowed when we're not around.  You should see their faces though when they're caught; priceless!  He's grown to love his sister.  Whenever he can't find her, he'll meow and meow until she comes around. Although, he meows for everything.  He's extremely vocal and has a wonderful personality.  Among his most endearing qualities is how affectionate he is.  He's so incredible.  One way he shows us affection is by approaching us and head-butting our faces!  He's almost always around us and rarely goes off to sleep alone.  Whisper is more reserved.  She'll only want affection when she feels like it and will come to you when she's good and ready, which is often.  She does listen more often than Dakoda!  Dakoda loves to play, he's so full of energy.  Dakoda has completed our cat family and we're so grateful for AWA!

Margaret and Bob

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