Adopted January 2003

When I first saw Danny on the Animal Welfare website, I fell in love with him instantly even before I met him.  You could say it was love at first sight and I knew he was the cat I have always wanted.  We have had Danny since January 6, 2003 and he is such a wonderful addition to our family.  I also think it's amazing how he interacts with my 13 month old daughter, they are the best of friends. When he first came home with us he just looked around, not sure where he was, but it didn't take long.  When he saw our big windows it didn't take him long to make himself at home, laying on the sill to look out them.  I knew he made himself at home when he discovered my rocking chair, which he has made it clear that it is now his. The next thing he did touched me in such a special way, he jumped up on my lap as if to say thank you for taking me in.  Danny is the most beautiful cat we have ever owned and his fur is so cuddly soft.  Every morning he comes running into my room to say good morning to me and then proceeds to say good morning to my daughter. He is very protective and playful, but in the same sense he is such a calm and gentle cat. I feel that we lucked out when we found Danny, so I thought I would just give everyone an update for all those who might be wondering how he is doing.  Hope you are all as blessed as my family to find a wonderful cat to add to your family.


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