Adopted November 2013

Demi came into Gagemount Animal Hospital when the couple who had been feeding this little stray kitten noticed she was suddenly unable to walk. After some X-rays were done the problem was obvious; her right femur was completely broken and her pelvis was broken in at least 2 places. Without treatment her prognoses was poor.

This is when Animal Welfare stepped in and took on Demi's case. They covered the cost of her expensive surgery and rehabilitation. An orthopedic surgeon was able to save Demi's leg by using a pin to stabilize the broken bone, and her pelvis should heal naturally with 4-6 weeks of strict cage rest. It has been a few months now since her surgery and Demi is healing wonderfully. She is once again able to run and play, albeit with a bit of a swagger due to her pelvis healing slightly crooked.

Demi used her constant purring and wonderful demeanor to find her forever home, which she shares with two other kitties. Without the generosity of Animal Welfare this little kitten would most likely not be with us today.

Jen, RVT


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