Dino, Nikolas & Rusty

Adopted July 2013

        DINO & RUSTY                                           DINO & NIKOLAS                         RUSTY

Just to let you know how well "my boys" are settling in now that we are one big family. Having been "in care" for so long, it has taken a while for Dino and Nikolas to get comfortable around me and Rusty, but they are really coming along now.

Rusty is a really sweet and friendly little guy who is also very mischievous but loves to cuddle. He just worms his way into your heart! Dino was so timid when he first came to live with us that he hid under the bed most of the time. Now, he comes to me for a little pet and scratch before breakfast and dinner, and happily settles by the window to watch the birds or on my bed in the sunshine. He is such a beautiful boy :o). He is also quite comfortable around Rusty, who as the youngster in the household has loads of energy and can sometimes be a bit intimidating. Nikolas is still a bit wary of Rusty but cuddles with Dino all the time and always comes running down to eat at breakfast and dinner. He loves to sit at the windows overlooking the backyard and comes to sit around downstairs more often (usually when Rusty is somewhere else!) It is great to see him just settle down and relax.

Thanks for taking care of my little guys until I got to meet them!


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