Don & Geraldine

Adopted March 2004

          DON                         GERALDINE

Hi, just a quick note and some pictures to let you know that we are doing very well.  Our new owners love us very much. The first few weeks as we were getting used to the new surroundings we stayed very hidden.  Now that we have decided that we have to share our space we decided to give the humans a chance and lo and behold they give us food, water, attention and nummy treats. We had our first trip out to the vet's office and we were very scared that we were going to not be coming home, but the humans brought us back home. Since that date we all get along nicely.  In fact we now trust them enough to walk up to them and tell them to give us attention.  I think soon enough they may enjoy us lying down beside them. We would also like to give Animal Welfare a special thank you for waiting till we met the right humans and we would also like to give Chris at Pampered Feline an added thank you for taking excellent care of us while we were there. We made it!!! We are cats, hear us meow!!!

Don & Geraldine
(& Shannon)

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