Elliot (Dakota)

Adopted August 2002

         ELLIOT                            SEBASTIAN & ELLIOT

To our friends at Animal Welfare,

We wanted to give you an update on how Elliot (formerly Dakota) has settled into our family.  We have had Elliot since August 29,2002.  He has adjusted wonderfully, and has become the best of friends with his one year old brother, Sebastian (also shown in picture).  We were worried at first that Sebastian would not be too accepting of this new little addition, but he has definitely proven us wrong.  They spend the day chasing each other around the house, stealing each others' food and toys, and then curling up together on the couch.  Elliot always ends up falling asleep as Sebastian cleans and grooms him.  We want to thank you for bringing Elliot into our lives, and the caring way in which you have handled him.  We give you a lot of credit for all that you do to help these animals.

Thanks again!
Charlene & John
(Sebastian & Elliot)

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