Adopted August 2005

November 10, 2005

After my 19 year old cat, Jed, passed away in August, I went to visit some of the Animal Welfare cats with the help of volunteer Dale.  There were so many beautiful cats in need of a home, it was difficult to pick just one.  I know I made the right decision when I brought Eric home.  I already had three other cats.  Two of them were just curious about the new arrival.  The Siamese, Koko, however was downright annoyed!  After a few weeks of hissing and howling, courtesy of Koko, Eric has settled in beautifully and is very happy as can be seen in the photos.  He is an affectionate, clever and very funny big guy!

Thank you Animal Welfare Association for introducing me to Eric!

Debbie Galvin

Update on Eric

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