Eva (Francine)

Adopted July 2004

           EVA                           AIDEN & EVA

My name is Lindsay and I adopted Eva (formerly Francine) in July 2004.  She is an extremely charming and delightful cat and everyone that meets her adores her.  She is very talkative and energetic but also enjoys a nice cuddle when she's feeling lazy.

I had adopted another cat prior to her named Aiden and he was very skittish as a result of being abused.  The progress I noticed in Aiden after I brought Eva home was like night and day.  They became best friends very quickly and as a result, he became more trusting of people in a short amount of time.

I can't imagine not having my sweet kitten in my life.  She gets up with me in the morning and sits in the bathroom and talks to me while I get ready for work.  After I leave, she spends the rest of the day playing, napping, and sunbathing with Aiden.  She can be devious at times and downright tenacious when it comes to stealing milk.  Overall, she's a complete joy and I can't thank the good people at AWA enough for their dedication and hard work to a very important cause.

- Lindsay

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