Adopted September 2012

Frankie on his side of the bed

Hello all,

I adopted Frankie in September and he's been such a great addition to our lives. The first time I saw Frankie, he immediately jumped onto my lap and that was it. I was glad that he reacted to me so well since most of the cats that I've met are not so social. It was love at first play!

He was a little bit shy and skittish during the first few weeks of moving in with us but our little furball has become the boss of the house since he became accustomed to our place. My partner's office chair has become Frankie's chair! Frankie loves to cuddle and he even cuddles with us before we go to bed.

We're truly blessed to have such an amazing cat. He never fails to make us laugh with his silly ways. Our friends adore Frankie and they even stop by to make sure he's fed when we're still out at work. He loves to sit on peoples' laps too (Jill, you're right! He's a lap cat.)

Life has become so much more lovely with Frankie and we are thankful to Jill, the staff of Rockland Vet, to the person who found Frankie, and AWA of Hamilton for taking such good care of our Frankie.

Thank you,

Angela, Artur, and Frankie


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