Freddy (Fred)

Adopted June 2004


Just thought I would write you a letter to update you on how Fred is doing.

Freddy (as we like to call him) has been with us for just over 2 months now.  He is doing wonderfully.  He is not as skittish as he was when he first arrived at our house.  He is obviously feeling much more comfortable with the surroundings, as he likes to sneak into our bedroom in the middle of the night and sometimes will jump up on the bed and sleep there until morning.  Other times he likes to jump up on the dresser and meow loudly.  This part of the morning activities we can do without, but he truly is a wonderful cat who just yearns for companionship.  He really is quite a friendly feline.

Freddy has been just amazing with the kids.  They love to play with him and he never lets on if he is tired of them chasing him, or throwing his way every conceivable cat toy they can get their hands on.  He is so patient, it's amazing.

He seems to be getting along well with our parrot, Finnigan.  He has a keen eye for the bird at times (and that is only natural) but, knock on wood, he hasn't been ‘that' keen that he has harmed the bird in any way.  We now leave both of them together during the day (bird in cage, Freddy with free run of the house) and, so far, they have been fine together.  What is truly funny is that our parrot has a tendency to fling some of his food outside of his cage and I have caught Freddy sitting underneath munching away at some of the pellets and seed.  It really is something to see.

I am enclosing a few photos of Freddy - I call him our ‘Fat Cat' now (I think he's gained a bit of weight since he came to live with us).  There is a picture of him with the parrot as well.  I hope you like them.

All the best,


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