Gabby & Raffi (Mikey & Jordan)

Adopted April 2015

Update:  March 2016

It is difficult to believe!  Our twins are now three years young.  It has been an interesting time.  They have developed their own personalities.  Mikey, whom we renamed Raphael, or Raffi informally, we identify by his broader tail and less pointed ears.  Gabriel, called Gabby has pointed ears and tail.

They are priceless!  Gabby is Daddy's boy and when Daddy isn't sitting in his chair, we all know!  He tells us.  If I am sitting and Don is out, he indignantly surveys the chair and then condescends to sit, refusing to move when his master comes home.  Master? -- He moves to the couch until he is forgiven.

Raffi, formerly known as Jordon, has not let us hold him (yet).  He waits for us to enter our bedroom and then he purrs his heart out, allowing us to scratch anywhere we like.
Their names were changed because we have a Mikey and a Jordon in our family already (people, not cats?)

We had a hard time with cat food.  The cans purchased from the vet were too large and the princes refused to eat day-old food.  After trying many ways to fool them we searched for small cans that were healthy(hopefully) Gabby will eat all his and wait for Raffi to move his head, then he goes for Raffi's.

We bought a climbing apparatus for the cats for MY Birthday.  They love it.  I hear that their Dad has been known to put Raffi's food in front of him there, to be sure he eats.  (Please don't tell that I fed him in the front hall!)  We don't want to spoil him, we just don't want Gabby to end up a butterball.

I may have mentioned that our living room is now their toy room.  They are insistent that we play with them every day.  They like toys on sticks with a long string, to be sure that we are still on the other end.
WE are found in the TV room most evenings, watching something.  They both end up here waiting for us to go up to bed.  Their favourite sleeping boxes are there. They consist of a large cola carton, the type you buy at Costco. This is inserted into a grocery bag (ours are from Sobey's)  We cut off the handles so they can't get their necks caught. T here they sleep till they hear the TV go off and up they get, waiting for us to ascend.

They love to talk.  If I go up for a nap, I will hear a quiet little Meow, more a chirp. I respond in kind and over a 2 minute period we talk to each other until one has found his way up, the other follows close behind.  It sounds like, "are you up there?  Yes.  OK I'll be right up!"
Our latest adventure was with Raffi.  Their litter box is in the mud room, which exits to our garage.  The door closes very quickly so we try to keep it from slamming by putting a foot in the way. Raffi timed it just right and scurried out into the garage.  With 2 cars and many boxes, a great deal of fun could be had.  To teach him a lesson, his dad left him out there.  Didn't learn.  By bedtime he was still hiding under the car and had to be "rescued" Then today our son-in-law went out and---quick as a flash, out went Raffi again, this time hiding under the other car way in the corner!  I don't know what we will do tomorrow!!!



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