Gabby & Raffi (Mikey & Jordan)

Adopted April 2015

DAY 1:  Helen arrived at three something toting gifts of food, toys and of course TWO cat carriers.  She placed them in the mud room and opened the doors.  Jordan jumped out and landed in the litter box, gave a sniff and began exploring.  Mikey, more timid sat for a few minutes to see what else might happen.  We, the "people" went into the living room to process the transfer.  It took no time at all for Cat 1 to find interesting things to explore.  He soon discovered the stairs and made it his business to climb up and explore.  All the doors were closed!  So down he came to see what else of interest there was.  Did you know that the cat in the mirror is very impudent  and mimics the real cat?  The rugs in the living room and dining area were a success and deserved a nice roll and a scratch (which they quickly learned was not a good thing!)  Not much interest in TV, though the living room sure is comfortable!  NO NAMES!

DAY 2:  The cats slept with us all night, attacking my toes only until I learned to keep them still.  They are curious about any closed door!  Our daughter and son-in-law live downstairs.  Our builder went down and didn't close the door.  You guessed it!  Jordan was down and under the bed in no time and  Corey took a few scratches getting him out.  NO NAMES!

DAY 3:  Sometimes on, sometimes off the bed that night; however they did invite us upstairs for a nap later that day!  What could we say?  In our musical home, we were pleased to welcome our musical cats!  They purr on key and their meows could put any diva to shame, especially standing in the hall and letting their "song" resonate all the way upstairs.  Since musical names are appropriate, we went through all the composers from Bach to Verdi, then trying to pair up the name with another of the same ilk.  We ended up with twenty-six pairs.  I love the classics!  We got to Gilbert and Sullivan and Simon and Garfunkel.  Berlios and Brahms never came close! TOO MANY CHOICES!

DAY 4:  What a glorious day!  What an inspiration!  Was it not Gabriel who brought good news?  And how about Raphael, another great angel!  After a little discussion, the choice was made: Gabriel and Raphael, Gabe and Rafe -- Gabby and Raffi!  Works for us!  So our new cats in their new home are GABRIEL and RAPHAEL, though Gabby seem to be the name of choice!


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