Grayson (Fulton)

Adopted September 2009

We adopted Grayson (Fulton) a year ago (Sept 2009).  He had been left behind in an apartment with some other cats while the owner moved out.  He has been a wonderful cat and a great part of the family. He has an awesome personality to him!  He is very friendly and outgoing and gets along with everybody.  The other animals in the household didn't take long to take to him, at first they weren't too happy, but now it's like he has always been here!  We love him very much.  Grayson just very recently (a couple of weeks ago) spent 3 nights in the vet's.  One day I noticed he was hiding and not being himself.  Right away we took him to the vet because something was visibly wrong.  He ended up having a major blockage in his bladder and needed a catheter right away.  So he had to stay.  He went through a lot at the vet's and had a few complications but he is home now, recovering. We were scared 'cause at a couple of points, we thought we were going to have to put him to sleep and lose our Grayson but Thank Goodness it didn't come to that.  He's a fighter!  We are so happy to have him back home.  He is not 100% back to his old self yet but I am sure in time he will get there (he is still in a bit of pain and on medication)  not to mention special prescription food from the vet for life.  We call him our "Million Dollar Kitty"!  We love Grayson and hope he continues to recover and we also thank Animal Welfare for rescuing him, not to mention for what you do for all these animals!  He is one of the best cats ever!



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