Idella & Daisy (Adela & Julia)

Adopted December 2014

Update:  December 2015


Idella and Daisy (Adela and Julia) have been with us for 1 year now.  They are doing very well.  They have settled into a daily routine of eating, napping and bird watching.  They have found some interesting napping spots in our house.  (One of their favourites is on the top of our dresser hutch.)  They do some sisterly sparring (to keep each other quick and sharp on their attack moves). They have gone on vacation with us to our trailer up north every weekend this past summer.   Their favourite toys are elastic hair bands, and "the Cats Meow". I have started to grow cat grass (oat grass) in the house for them to munch on and both kitties just love it !
Idella is like my shadow.  She is always nearby where ever I am during the day.  She is also the one who lets me know when it is suppertime.  We call her "our little piggy" because she will steal her sisters food if we don't watch her.  She is very vocal, and talks to us all the time.  When she plays with hairbands, she will fling it across the room all by herself and talk to it.  It is so funny to watch her.

Daisy is such a sweet cat.  She doesn't meow but meeps and chirps. She is the one who will watch the birds and squirrels in our backyard and make sure they stay far enough away from her window spot!   She is a very curious cat, and loves to watch me when I am at the kitchen counter doing things.  She is fascinated with water when it comes out of the tap and will stick her head right into the sink to see it drain away.

We want to wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best for the new year to you and the AWA family.

Regards Linda Mostacci and family.

On the cat tower

Watching a little leaf flying around at the back door.
Idella playing under a carpet with a purple hairband
Daisy in a box



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