Irma & Rita

Adopted March 2003

          IRMA                RITA

Rita and Irma are both doing very well, although Rita is coming along faster than Irma which is funny since Rita was the one who was more frightened at the vet's. All and all they are coming around much faster than anyone warned me, they remain skittish and run and hide from quick movements but are not at all afraid to remain out in the open with me.  They have both come out of hiding in my presence, and Rita has even come out to be friendly with visitors.  Irma will sniff my hand, and Rita will come out, start purring, roll around on the floor, and want me to scratch her neck.  Rita likes cat treats and Irma doesn't, that may have helped somewhat coaxing Rita to be more friendly.  Both cats come out to play when I use a cat toy on a string.  They are good cats and they are making steady progress every day towards being comfortable with me and their new home.

Thanks for rescuing my cats!


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