Isabell (Faith)

Adopted September 2003


This beautiful cat (aka Faith) came to live with me the week Hurricane Isabell was to hit our province and that is how she came to have the name Isabell.  Her nicknames are Isabella, Izzy, and Izzy G.  She was found on a roof by the Animal Welfare Association of Hamilton, I am told, and she certainly loves to climb!

I am so lucky that she is part of my family.  I cannot imagine not having her with me!  She loves tearing up toilet paper, carrying around socks in her mouth, and chasing her new brother, Mulligan.  She follows him like the white shadow, bites his ears, legs and generally just drives him nuts!!  But he really doesn't seem to mind that much.  He is ok with the fact that she butts in front of him to get water dripping from the bathroom sink every morning and is first in line to be fed every morning.  It's my belief that deep down, he really likes her and is almost as happy as me that she is here.  She still has her favorite toy that the shelter gave her- a yellow knit ball with catnip inside.  I find all her prize possessions in my favorite chair when I come home from work - I think she leaves them as little gifts for me!

She is the most friendly, happiest cat I have ever met and she makes me laugh everyday!  Everyone who meets her falls in love instantly.  Thank you so much for caring for this beautiful animal - I am so grateful that you found her, cared for her and loved her!  She has a forever home and she is one content kitty!

Many thanks,

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