Jazz (Noelle) & Belle

Adopted February 2002

      JAZZ                BELLE

On February 1, 2002 two furry friends joined our family and now we can't imagine our lives without either of them. We adopted Jazz (formerly called Noelle) and Belle, one of her kittens, in mid-January 2002 after much discussion, and are so glad we did. They have brought such joy and happiness into our home.

Here's a little bit about 'our girls' ... Jazz's favourite toy is a ratty old pink sponge ball that she just loves and Belle has 'Bunny', a little stuffed animal, that she carries around with her and loves chasing crumpled paper balls that we throw
down the hall. While Jazz foot wrestles with us for exercise. Both enjoy whiling away the hours 'guarding the back garden' from their window perches in the back sunroom.

Thank you Animal Welfare for saving these beautiful and loving cats.

Trish and Peter

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