Jenny (Jazz)

Adopted June 2002

Jenny (Jazz) and her 3 kittens, Tango (YumYum), Sammy (KoKo) and Teddy (Bear) were all adopted together.  Recently we received letters and pictures from each of them telling us how well they are doing and how much they are loved.  This is the letter from Jenny:

Dear AWA,

I am lovely, gentle and a good Mom too.  I always wait to make sure my children are fed before I eat.  Once when we were all new here, a neighbour came to see us and brought her little dog.  Well !!  I showed Mom how I could fly across a room (about 8 ft. in the air) to attack the dog.  I did not hurt him, I just let him know not to mess with my kittens.  It took me about six months to trust Mom again after she left me at the vet's so long (when I was spayed).  I thought she had deserted me.  We are very close now.  Every morning when she wakes up I am curled up, softly purring in her arms.  She tells me that my fur is the softest fur this side of heaven and I then know she loves me best.

Love & Purrs,

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