Jonah Obama (Efrem)

Adopted December 2009

I thought you would like to hear about Jonah Obama, the name I gave him in place of Efrem.
Jonah made himself at home right from the first day, without hiding anywhere.  Jonah is a very affectionate cat.  He follows me around most of the time and loves to jump onto my lap when I am using computer, that is where he is now.

Jonah Obama sleeps on our bed at night as well.  He is fine using the litter box.  He is still a very hungry cat, though he seems to be a little better today, maybe that is due to the large feast he had last night.
I made a tuna fish casserole last night and there was quite a bit left in the dish.  Because it was hot,  I did not want to cover it up and put it in the refrigerator right away, so I left it on the kitchen table and we left the kitchen.  So Jonah Obama saw his opportunity and helped himself and ate as much as he wanted..  He ate tuna fish, mushroom sauce, pasta, and a bit of tomatoes.  As far as I know until now he has no diarrhea.  This morning he was not so hungry.
I believe Jonah likes his new home.  And we want to share our home with him.

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