Kaida (Nadine)

Adopted February 2009

It has been 6 years since we adopted Nadine, now Kaida (meaning "little dragon"). We cannot believe how fast the time has gone by with our little angel. She is an essential part of our household now and we don't know what we ever did without her! Every morning I wake up to her purring and rubbing against my face and I thank the AWA for bringing her into my life.

When we first met Kaida we were actually going to look at another cat. It was at a vet clinic and Kaida was walking around the room at the time. She had just been spayed after having kittens and living outside in the winter. Her babies had all been adopted and now Kaida was waiting for her "furrever" home. After her life outside taking care of her kittens, it was time for her to have the pampered life she deserved. When we walked in, it was love at first sight. Her beautiful face and sweet personality had us hooked. She had us wrapped around her little paw.

She was shy when she came home, and was reluctant to be held and cuddled, but she is now the most affectionate animal I've ever met! Just give her a belly rub and a few treats and she's your best friend. She loves belly rubs in the morning and watching movies at night. In between is a few baths and some well-deserved naps. Then it's play time and she shows us her inner kitten! She has also learned many tricks like high-five, turn around, and to jump over my leg. Such a smart girl!

Although she is a fierce protector of the house (chipmunks beware), she is a sweetie at heart, even playing gently with my pet snake! Overall, she is our princess. She runs the household and has a special place in all of our hearts. I couldn't imagine our lives without her and we are grateful to the amazing volunteers at the AWA for their work. Thank you again for my precious baby, my soulmate, my Kaida

- Brittany and Family, and Kaida



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