Kizzy (Mocha)

Adopted March 2007

Update - April 2009

Hello Animal Welfare Association!

Kizzy here wanting to give paws up for how wonderful Animal Welfare Association is for allowing me to choose my forever human. I love my human and my cat sister Doxie so much. Doxie and I are nearly 3 years old now!  I do want to also add, I now love to be petted all the time and have learned to alert mummy when someone knocks at the door or the mail drops. My newest game is to hide her hearing aids if she doesn't put them away at night. Of course mummy will look everywhere while I sit in front of the hearing aid and wait for mummy to realize I am sitting in front of them :)

Doxie and I get along splendidly and since we moved to an apartment with a window on the balcony, we love to watch birds flying around. Mummy dosn't let us go out on the balcony but that's ok 'cause we are so high it's safer for us inside :) The pictures of Doxie and Me are the most recent.

On behalf of myself, my sister Doxie, and Human, we thank Helen and Animal Welfare Association with all our furry purry hearts!

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