Lacey (Tippi)

Adopted January 2007

I wanted to give you an update on "Tippi". She is now called "Lacey"- my Mocha baby - as she is changed to an unusual colour - a mocha & creme striped tabby - maybe part ragdoll (she flops upside-down in my arms) - but whatever - she is very smart and very active!

Acts like a puppy - loves to travel in the car in her special back seat cat pen - goes bezerk running around in our cottage - and loves water - likes to play in the sink & tub & get wet?  She is my  alarm clock in the morning and my sentinel at the door if anyone dares knock.  When the phone rings she runs to get to it first - and she knows how to turn off the computer.  Oh well - I'm not going to tell her she's a cat!  She is 13 months old now - purrs up a storm and has me wrapped around her paw.  She argues with me if she is not getting the attention she thinks she deserves.  She brightens the day and lifts our spirits.  I can't imagine life without her!  I will send an updated pic soon!

Thank you for entrusting her to us - I called you to adopt her on New Year's day  2007 and you answered the phone!  Thank you and your organization for being so dedicated.

Susan T.

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