Maya (Zena)

Adopted October 2009

We adopted Maya (previously Zena) a month after the loss of our wonderful brown tabby, Sonia, who had been a dear part of our family for almost 16 years.  We very quickly became smitten with Maya--a very affectionate, intelligent and playful little creature--and she quickly adapted to us.  I expected her to be aloof and fearful for a while until she felt more trusting of us.  Instead, the first night with us, she climbed onto our bed and fell asleep on my chest, purring deeply.
Maya loves people.  When we come home, she always greet us warmly at the door, investigates any parcels we may be carrying, and then wants to be cuddled.  On Christmas Day, we had a house full of people and Maya was in her element, charming everyone and getting plenty of attention and hugs.  Everyone loves our Maya!
Thank you for all the wonderful work you did in taking care of and socializing Maya, and for allowing us to adopt her.
Carlo, Lenora, Marc, Paul and our little Maya


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