Mayo (Crawford)

Adopted January 2006

To my friends at Rockland Veterinary Hospital,

I want you to know that I am enjoying my new home.  My new keeper seems quite nice, although we are still negotiating the amount of food that she gives me.  There are ledges and backs of chairs where I can sit and look out of windows.  And I have found lots of other 'ledges' from which I can watch activities!

My new keeper gives me belly rubs whenever I want!  And she bought me new toys to keep me busy.  But sometimes it is nice to curl up and do nothing.

My new keeper seems as happy to have me in her home, as I am happy to be here.  She thought that I should write to you, to thank you for your incredible devotion to cats like me.  So I am thanking all of you for taking such very special care of me and never giving up on the chance that I could have a nice home.  Both my new keeper and I think that you are very, very special people!

Crawford Welch

P.S.  My new keeper has given me a new name.  She calls me Mayo (pronounced my-oh).  She tells me this is the month of May in Spanish.  She chose that name because it was the month when you first took me into your facility.  I am humouring her and letting her call me Mayo, but I will always secretly like the name Crawford just as much!

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