Adopted August 2004

          MEWSETTE                                   MARIGOLD

Dear Animal Welfare Association,

I would like to thank you for our newest Animal Welfare addition to our family.  Mewsette has been with us for several months now and it feels as though she's been here forever.  As you can see in the photograph she is very comfortable here and has made herself at home.  She is getting along very well with both the dogs and our first Animal Welfare cat, Marigold.  Both Marigold and Mewsette have huge hearts, that no doubt, were made even kinder by the wonderful experience that they had through your amazing organization.  Although both of my girls were
with you for a very long time, we are very thankful that you held onto them until they could find a home.  As always I would like to sincerely thank you for all of the wonderful work that you do on behalf of these wonderful animals.  Your work does not go unnoticed and I know that Marigold and Mewsette will always be grateful to you.  I would also like to say that they are perfect examples of cats who have had a struggle getting adopted, however, once in their new homes, they work out perfectly.  Thank you for your patience with these kind souls.

Amanda Vernon.

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