Moka (Sinatra) and Ilsa

Adopted January 2008 and October 2005

      MOKA & ILSA                         MOKA

Finally dropping a note to let you know that Moka (Sinatra) and Ilsa are Budddies !!  It wasn't always that way as you can see from their first days and WEEKS -- OK, MONTHS -- together.  Moka tried for some time to make friends as he is just a big loverboy but Ilsa kept him at 'paws' length really making him work for it.  It took several months of him settling beside her and her getting up and moving away,  until finally I came home and there they were on the chair together -- and the rest -- as they say -- is history !!

Moka has been a wonderful, cuddly addition to our family.  I always thought I wanted and needed to adopt only tiny kittens but I have learned that the older cats go out of their way to show their appreciation every day for giving them a second chance.

Thank you Helen and AWA for your tireless efforts and for making it possible for us to find Moka and Ilsa !!

The Hinkleys

(see letter re Ilsa)

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