Molly & Tucker (Nina & Glen)

Adopted June 2003

     MOLLY & TUCKER               TUCKER


I adopted Nina and Glen (now Molly and Tucker) just over a month ago now.  They are doing very well here, and I am glad that I took them together.  These two are very adventurous and like to climb and explore everything in the house.  Tucker is famous for climbing into school bags or burrowing into blankets when he has the chance.  Luckily, he has not made it out the door in one of my bags.  I'd have a hard time explaining why I brought a kitten to work if he did!!  Molly is definitely a sweetheart as well, and I can always get her to start purring the moment I pick her up.  The two of them enjoy having each other to play with and constantly follow me around to make sure that I'm O.K.!  Molly and Tucker have definitely become welcome additions to
my household and I couldn't imagine life without them!

Thank you!

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