Muffin & Lenny

Adopted February 2004

                          MUFFIN & LENNY

I thought you may enjoy some pictures of Muffin and his 'brother', Lenny.  Muffin is so friendly - rubbing his face on ours and licking our noses at night.  He only meows when I get home - or if he is hungry.  Otherwise, he makes the cutest noises with his mouth closed.  Lenny is also very affectionate and gets lots of love!  He sleeps under the sheets with me and plays with Muffin and his toys.  He enjoys being cleaned by Muffin. They are very special and thank you for caring for them and all the other cats you take in.  Lenny and Muffin have made us all happy and we're glad we found them at AWA!

Lora Jones

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