Oscar (Frosty) & Felix (Jake)

Adopted December 2010 and January 2011

        OSCAR                                  FELIX

November was a heartbreaking month as I had to put down my sweet, little cat Molly (the ginger cat in the photos below), who had a large cancerous tumour.  While I do have a couple of other cats, the house seemed somewhat empty without her.

In December I decided to opt to welcome a new addition to the household. Frosty (now named Oscar) caught my eye on the AWA website.  Once we met I was smitten with his handsome face and personality.  Boy what personality!  After living in my home for a few days I decided that his vigorous kitty litter maintenance (flying all over the place) and the fact that as much food ends up on the floor as in him made Oscar (ie. Madison – the slob) a perfect name for him.  In addition he has a tendency to be grouchy (hence Oscar the Grouch).
While Frosty/Oscar was with the AWA he made friends with Jake (now named Felix).  Felix is so shy that when they brought him down for me to see he had to be held in a blanket as he was so afraid.  About a month after I took Oscar home, Felix came home with me too.  Immediately, upon entry into my home he shot underneath the bed and for the first few days pretty much stayed there all of the time.  After a little while he became comfortable enough to come out when I wasn’t around and at night.  When I’d get home from work he’d be curled up on the bed with Oscar and Licorice.
Now it’s been eight months since Oscar came into my life and seven months with Felix.  While I still can’t hold Felix (that’ll come in time) he sleeps on my bed – sometimes with me actually in it or perches over me on the tall dresser to keep an eye on his new domain.  Under the bed no longer seems to hold any interest.
I’ve been so lucky to have these two great cats in my life! Felix is playful and sweet and is such a lovely cat and Oscar too is sweet albeit on his own terms.
The AWA, Helen Douglas and associated veterinary facilities do such great work and provide such a worthwhile service to the community and animals in need!  Thank you all so much for the excellent care that you provided Oscar and Felix (Frosty and Jake) while they were waiting for me to adopt them!   Here are some pictures of what they looked like on the AWA website and them now.

         FROSTY                          JAKE

Thank you so very much,
Tara McIntosh


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