Adopted September 2001


I've been wishing I could write to you for some time to tell you about Oscar, the little cat I got from you several years ago.  I was attracted to him by the statement you made on your site about him: "His name is Oscar, but he's no grouch," but there were other things that drew him to my heart.  He was horribly abused when just a baby, and was rescued in the north-east end of the city and turned over to the AWA for care.  When I met him, he was just finally over the healing process -- his throat had been ripped open.  To this day, and for always I expect, I can feel that awful scar under his fur as it runs from ear to ear.  He had been well cared for, though, and nurtured back to good health while with you, and has experienced no problems since.  The first time the technician at the Mountain Animal Hospital brought him to me, Oscar leapt up on my shoulder and purred into my ear.  That was the end of me, right then and there.  There was no rejecting that sweet loveable babe.

He remains the nicest dispositioned cat I have ever encountered.  He is just full of love and ready to share it at a moment's notice.  He's had some adjustments to make.  I already had a cat, Max, who didn't taken kindly to Oscar's arrival, but they get along, for the most part, and Oscar is equal to the task of avoiding Max when he gets "that way".

Enclosed are a couple of pictures that I hope will give you a good idea of how he is doing today.  This first one is the photo you had of him on your website, showing the bandaging still around his neck.

These three photos have been taken since Oscar's become part of the family.  He swears that is grapefruit juice in the bottle in the middle picture, and I don't think he'd lie about a thing like that.

Anyway, I wanted you to know how much we appreciate how much you did for Oscar.  You really and truly did save his life, and Oscar would want me to make sure I sent you a big warm hug from him to say thank you.  He has never wavered in his gentleness and loving nature and I think he's a super little guy, start to finish.

Thanks so much and God bless you all.

Michael Rorke

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