Oscar (Kyle) Update

Adopted September 2001

  May 2015

I have just been looking at your website and would like to send you an update about Oscar (Kyle).  We adopted him from you in September 2001 when he was thought to be 10 months old.  This photo was taken a few months ago so you can see he is in fine form despite his advanced age. 

We are amazed how athletic he still is.  In human years he is about the same age as we are.  We wish we could get up the stairs and bound across a room as fast as he can. He loves to play energetic games with us and we are always having conversations.  He quite often thinks the service at our house isn't quite up to his exacting standards and will let us know accordingly.

We are very grateful for the work you do. Oscar gives us so much joy.


Elizabeth & Michael Kay


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