Osiris (Gilbert)

Adopted September 2004

Osiris is doing GREAT! and we love him to bits. He's a real cuddly kitty and he is eating well and is using his litter box.

Other than the fright I told you about (re him hiding under the radiator behind my corner unit for hours on end before we found him), he only had one day where he seemed out of sorts and that was when we were trying to wean him off eating canned food only to a mixture of canned food and dry food.

For the first little while he wouldn't eat the dry so we gave in and fed him canned only until he was more settled. Now he is doing just wonderfully well; eating canned food in the morning and dry food for the rest of the day.

Osiris is a bed hopper. He rotates all night going from my daughter, Heather's bed, to my son, Luke's bed, to my bed and then he does the circuit again.  He's a real talker too and he loves being petted.  He is an absolute joy to have around. We consider him as our little blessing.  We love him bunches and bunches and we're getting lots of love in return.  I'll keep you posted on his progress over time.

Take care and thanks again for everything AWA has done to bring Osiris to us.

Deborah Ash

(Update on Osiris)

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