Adopted July 2003

                  PATTI & MISTY

Here's the pictures of Patti (aka Squeeks) that I promised to send you earlier.   As you can see, they've both adapted beautifully and get along very well.   Patti has been a pleasure and she is so affectionate.  She loves to be on my knee and never leaves my side.   If she wants to be patted, she gives me kisses on my nose and lays on my lap for lots of TLC.

I call her Squeeks sometimes because she doesn't meow - she just squeeks - it's sooooo cute... she is also very vocal.. loves to talk to me, although at 5:00 a.m., sometimes it's a one-sided conversation.  If I try to ignore Patti, she goes over to my dresser and starts batting stuff off with her paw -- this she knows will get my

Patti and Misty get along so well that Patti sometimes tries to nurse off Misty.  Misty, although not humoured by this, tolerates it for awhile then paws Patti off.  They often nap together, play together and share everything.

Thanks to Animal Welfare for keeping these animals safe and for making sure they are well looked after.


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