Pocket (Roxanne)

Adopted December 2004


Hey everyone!

My name is Pocket, formerly known as Roxanne.  I was adopted by Katherine and Andy, and their little friend, my new friend, Pickles (their cat).  I am doing really well in my new home, Iíve been here for a while but not able to write.  Iíve just been so busy chasing all kinds of little bugs in their unfinished basement!  I love it!  I spend hours down there and pretty much the whole night.  Well, that is until I think Katherine has slept long enough and I need lick her face until she wakes up.  Usually about 3 am.

Pickles and I have become good friends, but she was a little nervous of me at first because I was so active.  But she was used to having another friend in the house.  Since she had a big sister, that unfortunately got outside and since she wasnít used to being outside, she got hit by a car, and sadly didnít make it.  Another great reason to keep us inside.

Anyway, I love it here, and I want to thank everyone for the miraculous jobs they do with pets like me, and I hope they continue their work.  Here is a picture of Pickles and me.

Love Pocket

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