Pooter (Sabrena)

Adopted March 2008

Five or so years ago, about this time of year, I went to the cat show in Marritt Hall, Ancaster, to see if could find leads for a cat or kitten for my son's family; their cat, Smudge, who had belonged to my deceased husband, had finally passed on, late in her teens.  I found your table, and arranged a visit, and soon my son and his family, who live in Toronto, adopted a cat from you, and she is a great success.  Her name is "Pooter" and here she is enjoying lying in front of a fireplace, warming her tum, after a long day of being the cat of two young children. The younger, Margo, who is four, is an animal lover –– a natural with animals -- and as you can see, she's a pushover for filling the cat-kibble bowl when asked pathetically enough.  Eloquent Pooter has quite a system going ... and the current family project is strengthening Margo's resolve.


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