Adopted February 2003

Hello Aunt Chris and Everyone at Animal Welfare!

Itís me, Preston.

Iíve been wanting to write to you for a long time, but my Mom has been very busy and I couldnít convince her to type this letter for me.  After much purring, kneading and leg wrapping, I think I finally goaded her into doing it.

When I first met my new Mom and went to her house, I didnít much care for it.  Iíd been abandoned as a kitten and spent my first two years living in the scary wild.  After that, I moved in with Chris at Pampered Feline.  There was a lot of light there and I felt safe in my cage.  Chris loved me a lot and I liked it when sheíd pick me up and cuddle me everyday.  (I think I was her favorite!)

My Momís house was much bigger and very different from Chrisís place.  My Mom was also very different.  I wasnít sure if I was going to like it there, even after two months.  But slowly I came to like my Mom.  (Actually, I was testing her if you must know.  I had to be sure that she really wanted me around before I started being nice to her.  As far as I was concerned, there was no way I was going to trust a human being again unless they were going to be very good to me.)

Well, my Mom did finally pass the test and everyday Iím doing my best to give her a little bit more affection.  I donít run away when she comes into the room, or hide when she walks towards me anymore.  I know I can trust her, now.  The best part is, I know she really wants me around because she just moved from Dundas to Burlington and she brought me with her!

Iím a very lucky cat.  My new Mom loves me a lot and she realizes that sheís very lucky too.  But, letís not forget, I am a cat and every once in a while, I just have to do something a little outrageous. Ė Like dart away from her when she walks towards me, or hide for a minute underneath the bed.  I just want to remind her how far Iíve come and I want her to keep appreciating me.  With all the cuddles and pets I get, Iíd say itís working.

Anyway, Iíve got to go because thereís a piece of sunlit carpet with my name all over it.  It was nice to have a chat and tell you how good my life is now.  Thanks for taking such good care of me and introducing me to my new Mom.  I think Iíll keep her.

Love and cat kisses,


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