Rocky & Suzy (Caramel)

Adopted January 2014

        Rocky                Suzy                   Rocky & Suzy                        Suzy

Apologies for not updating you sooner. I adopted Rocky & Caramel (now Suzy) on January 6th from Rockland Animal Hospital. They are both doing well and have settled in nicely, as you may imagine they have the run of the house. I've attached some photos which you may use if you like. Thank you and your organization for all the fine work you do, I'm glad I could play a small part and give Rocky & Suzy a home together. I should also point out that they cannot get enough of water. Whether it's watching it come out the tap or down the drain, they're on it.

On a side note, I previously had Bonnie with me who also came from your organization. She passed away this past October, a month after her friend Bolivar.

Thanks again, hope you like the pics.


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