Rufus & Alistair (Iain)

Adopted November 2004

           RUFUS                       ALISTAIR

It's been a year and a half since we took brothers Rufus and Alistair home.  We are so glad that we adopted 2 kittens.  They have so much fun together and keep each other amused.

Alistair is always on the look out for a new place to nap.  Rufus enjoys watching curling.  They don't run and hide when people come over but they are cautious.  Alistair will quickly warm up to an available lap while Rufus lets people know that he is the man of the house with a loud Meow and an occasional hiss but if you try to walk away from him he rubs against your leg wanting all the attention.

We really love our cats and are so glad that we got them. It's hard to imagine our house without them.

Nathan Fleet

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