Sterling (Angelo)

Adopted October 2013

Just wanted to let you know that Sterling is completely thriving in our family. The first couple days he was a little unsure of our other cat Buddy and his friendly nature and wanting so badly to be friends. This resulted in a couple tiffs but after Sterling realized Buddy was not trying to hurt him and let Buddy snuggle up to him, they've been inseparable! They snuggle together every chance they get, they wrestle and chase each other around any chance they get, it's as if they've been together their whole lives :)

Sterling was not eating any dry food when we adopted him but now enjoys both dry and wet! Myself having cats my whole life, I've never quite seen a bond like they have and as quickly as it has formed. Sterling also loves to snuggle with Eric and me. He really wants to be able to touch somewhere on us at all times when he is snuggling with us. His favourite spots are on our legs or our backs. He loves to give kisses, play with his toy mice, be super friendly towards anyone he meets, and occasionally try to steal human food ... still working on that.

Thank you so much for working with Eric and me to find Buddy a playmate and us a second cat, he's truly been an amazing contribution to our lives.  The last picture is the first day in our apartment :)


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