Adopted January 2008

Dear AWA,

I would like to thank you for finding me a new home.  My housefolk are nice people.  They feed me the same food I had at the 'Many Cats Place'.  They like to stroke me a lot, but sometimes I pretend not to care, just to keep them on their toes.

They have lots of good toys for me to play with.  Thank you for the one that you bought for me.    I play with other things that are not toys, but fun, just the same.  I also like to run around and pretend to catch mice.  And there is lots of room to do that.

I have lots of places to sleep.  At night, I sleep in a big bed with my new owner.  Sometimes my owner calls me Princess Taffy.  She has even given me a throne by a window, so I can survey my kingdom. Or just sleep.

I haven't finished exploring every corner because there are some closets that I haven't opened yet.

I am very happy here.  Thank you again for finding me a new home.


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