Adopted January 2007

Recently I adopted a cat named "Terry" in January 2007.  I've had him for about a month now.

Your organization named him after Terry Fox because my little Terry is a special needs cat.  He lost his left front leg while being a stray. The name was so adorable, I have not for a second thought to change it.

From the day that I brought Terry home, I was afraid of how he would react to my dog, Bailey.  Bailey is 11 and had been with my other cat his whole life.  Terry had no exposure to dogs but the vet's office said that he was great with the other cats.  I have to say, the minute that the door opened on the cage, Terry came pouncing out, looked at the dog (no hissing) and started to case out the joint.  The dog looked at him and came to me waiting for his treat.  Not love at first sight but all of my worries were forgotten.

I have to say that he is the most loving little spitfire.  He loves to be held, lay on your lap and enjoy all the petting one human being can handle. I have to say that I get tired faster than he does. He loves to chase his tail on the kitchen floor, run up and down the stairs, lay on the top of my chair by the window and watch the squirrels and birds eat the treats I put out for them and pounce out at me and the dog while we are walking by.

I do have to monitor his food intake because it would appear that Terry is quite the little piglet.  Loves his dry food, the dog's dry food and anything else that seems to have dropped on the kitchen floor is, in his opinion, fair game.

I've been asked, why would I adopt a special needs cat.  The only thing that I would like to say to anyone thinking about adopting one, is that there is nothing "Special" that they need, other than a good home, patience and lots of love.  They seem to adapt very well to their limitations if they know that they are accepted for just who they are.

My other cat (Boobie) was just put down on December 13th 2006 after having been diagnosed with a thyroid tumor a month before.  I had him since he was 8 weeks old.  He died at the ripe old age of 16 1/2 years old. Terry has come to me at around 1- 2 years old and there is one other thing that I would like to say to people thinking of adopting.  Although kittens are cute, a person can't quite know their personalities yet.  They are too young to have developed them.  With Terry, he has already developed his unique personality and you can already tell that he has a wonderful disposition.  My other cat, although I loved him to bits, turned out to be one mean, mean kitty cat.  So I would like to say, think about an older cat.
You know what you are getting from the start.  No surprises and lots of love.

I have to say, I will probably not get a kitten again.  Terry has shown me what a joy it is to have an older cat.  After talking with Dale at the AWA, I just came for a look and ended up taking Terry home that same day.

Thank you to Dale at the AWA and my Vet Anna (who told me about your organization and about Terry).  Anna had said that there was this special little guy in need of adoption and she was right, He is a "Special" little guy.

Cathy Kelemen & Bailey
[*Ed. note - photos coming soon*]

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